Bursa Malaysia’s 2Q16 Results Preview

Not expecting major surprises in earnings
We project MYR50m 2Q16 net profit, about flattish YoY (+2.0%) and QoQ (+1.1%), which would lift 1H16 net profit to MYR100m (+4.0% YoY). We
make no change to our earnings forecasts and MYR9.05 TP which pegs on a 23x 2016 PER, in line with peers. Bursa offers a decent 4.1% normal
yield with the ability to pay more. Maintain HOLD.

bursa malaysia price performance

Equities almost flattish, but derivatives saw a jump
Equities ADV averaged MYR2.0b in 2Q16 (-0.3% YoY, -3.5% QoQ), and we estimate velocity (trading value/market valuation) was at 30%, little changed YoY and QoQ. Derivatives volume was however strong at 3.88m in 2Q16 (+21.7% YoY, +11.8% QoQ) driven by FCPO, at 82% of total volume. These 2Q16 numbers led 1H16 equities ADV to MYR2.03b (-2.6% YoY) and derivatives volume to 7.35m (+9.0% YoY). Equities and derivatives contributed 48%/18% to operating revenue in FY15.

Bursa Malaysia earming results

No change to our earnings forecasts
At an anticipated MYR100m 1H16 net profit, this would make up 48% of our full-year forecast. Our current forecasts incorporate MYR2.1b equities ADV and a 15% YoY growth in derivatives volume and admitedly, 1H16 data was a marginal shortfall. We maintain our earnings forecasts for now. Bursa will release its 1H16 results next Monday, 25 Jul.

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Decent yield, and can be better
We think that Bursa may announce a 17sen DPS, its 1st interim for FY16, during its 1H16 results release. This assumes 91% DPR on e.MYR100m 1H16 net profit. For the full year, we forecast 36.5sen DPS which gives 4.1% yield. Unencumbered cash stood at MYR338m (63sen/shr) end-Mar 2016 and after deducting for FY15 final dividend of 18sen/shr (paid on 18 Apr 2016), the proforma cash balance should remain a sizeable MYR242m
(45sen/shr). Bursa has the ability to pay more. Previous special dividends in FY13 and FY14 was at 20sen/shr each.

source: Maybank IB 22/07/16