Shariah Screening: Potential In & Out Stocks 2H2015

In our inaugural Shariah Screening report, we have scanned through the FBMKLCI constituents plus the Top 30 in market capitalisation for both the Shariah and nonshariah compliant companies listed on Bursa Malaysia. Our list is on a best effort basis nonetheless there is still the presence of limitation for a thorough screening process. For companies where there are no disclosure of its mode of financing, we would assume it under the conventional segment. At this juncture, it is no secret that IOI Corp will be out of the shariah list in the 2H15 attributed to its high non islamic debts.

Appended below are tables depicting those that are rather close to the threshold for the FBMKLCI and the Top 30 for the shariah/non shariah lists.



Shariah list (Potential out
shariah poential out stocks

 Non Shariah list (Potential in)
shariah potential stocks by BIMB