Carlsberg: Beer price to go up 3.6% in May

Consumer: Beer price to go up 3.6% in May
Beer and stout will be dearer starting next month, thanks to the sharp increase in input costs, particularly the imported malt. According to Carlsberg Brewery (M) Bhd managing director, Soren Ravn, the country’s breweries had agreed to raise the rices of beer and stout by an average of 3.6% next month to pass on the higher input costs to consumers. “The price of raw material has increased by an average of 10% annually for the last five years, putting pressure on margins,” Ravn said. He also mentioned that the recommended retail price would be industry wide, involving the main breweries, namely Guinness Anchor (M) Bhd and Carlsberg. (Financial Daily)

Guinness Anchor: Raising selling prices. Malaysia’s two main brewers will raise the prices of their beer and stout products by about 3% effective 1 May 10 to offset higher costs. The increase is industry-wide and across all categories of products. (Source: Business Times)